Gensou Suikogaiden Vol 2 (PSOne) English Patch Released!

Gensou Suikogaiden VOL.2 English Patch Released by ‘Raww Le Klueze’ and his team! They are the same people who did the translation for the first Suikogaiden (although some of the translators are different).

If you don’t know what Suikogaiden is, they are a set of two visual novel spin-off games from the Suikoden universe, published on the PSOne in Japan, but never got an official western release.

Raww Le Klueze: “Almost six months later, here we are and Suikogaiden Vol.2’s English patch is now available for download.
Congratulations on a job well done to everyone involved and thanks for everyone’s patience over the years as we worked towards this goal, not the least thanks to Rin, who may not have been involved in Vol.2 but without whom this project would not even have existed.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of pokeytax, Kestrel, Graeme and others it is now possible to enjoy the full Suikoden series in English, so please, do enjoy it.
And as an extra bonus, if your hero from Suikoden I was called TcDohl in Suikoden II the patch will automatically convert that to Tir. Provided you can find him…”

You can download the game…. somewhere. (still looking, help me find it!)

The patch is available on their site: []
And on the forums: []

Translation Credits


- Project Leader -

 Raww Le Klueze

- Translators -

 Kestrel (Episodes 1 & 3)
 Graeme Howard (Episode 2)
 Raww Le Klueze / Magi (Episode 4)

- Translation Checkers -

 Raww Le Klueze
- Tech Team - 

 David Holmes

- Image Editors -

 Raww Le Klueze (Title Screen)
 Scarlet (Episode Cards)

- Special Thanks -
 Everyone on the Suikogaiden Translation Project's Forum