If My Heart Had Wings Restoration Patch v1.0 Now Available! (restores sex scenes)

guishen_0564COM_01_002SRestoration Patch for If My Heart Had Wings is done! Thanks everyone. Especially rusanon. This patch restores ALL removed content. Not just sexual content. So any censored CGs, censored sex jokes, any breast references, anytime Aoi even thinks sex, all of that is back in the game (and manually translated). Voice clips that were cut or censored are also restored to their original. Just note that your save files from the original is not compatible with this version of the game after patch! Bug fix patches will be released through July that will have better QC (such as fixing some of the known issues). A second restoration patch with a complete TLC of the entire script is in the works. [volunteers apply in this thread]

Download Patch Here: [fuwanovel.org/novels/201] Patch files on mediafire.com: [mediafire] Moenovel: [Official Site]
Buy from Playasia: [play-asia.com]
Buy from JList: [Jlist.com]

Patching Instructions:
See release notes.

Patch Installation Instructions ============================= 1. Unzip patch files into game installation directory. 2. Run apply_diffs.bat 3. Requires Japanese System Locale: [see instructions] – Original save files you had are not compatible after patch. x. Don’t install in a systems location like Program Files. You will get access denied.




  • Access denied solution from Kotarou

Kotarou: Here is an updated Batch Installer which allows you to not only install the patch to the default location but also to any location you tell it to. [download]

  • “I can’t see any character sprites.”

1. Check system locale, applocale is Not enough 2. Re-install game and install patch using updated bat file. [download here] 3. If it still doesn’t work, download prepatched version. ^ erogedownload started deleting our comments when we were trying to help people with the patch. \o/

Known Issues: – Scene replay is not available. – Tons of errors in first windmill hill scene — it means either its Japanese version instead English, or patch wasn’t installed correctly. – Honorifics usage is inconsistent — work in progress, will be fixed along with tlc of whole text. – Several lines are clipped at bottom — they could be viewed via log. – Several lines have missing quotes — work in progress.


We are planning to release several bugfix patches over july and will appreciate any help in finding bugs/bad English/TL mistakes. [reply in this thread]

Translation Team
Engineering and management:

Aaeru (64%) , Mare (AB)(12.6%), pabloc (8%~), Aggressor (10%~), Tromend (1.5%~).

Ageha route: Paragon4696, Buttface
Amane route: shcboomer, SlashZero
Asa route: Buttface
Kotori route: Buttface
Yoru route: Rakushun, Buttface

Common route Editing/TLC:
shcboomer, Buttface, Rakushun, MDZ, ripdog, Tamamo, jas123, Skylurk77, chaos_aurelius, Cairus

QC and Beta Testing: lolilover, kotarou, jas123, MDZ, Bluetea, Buttface, BarbyQ, Pratomo Asta N, Superrayman3

Some Screenshots:

179724_394550810663863_1821509960_nguishen_0335AGE_03_010S guishen_0347AGE_04_001Bguishen_0608HUT_01_004b guishen_0612HUT_02_002bguishen_0619HUT_03_001s KOT_00_002sKOT_01_001b KOT_04_001bIMHHW_2

If you would like to help with translation checking for the second patch, reply here: [forums.fuwanovel.org]

Creative Commons License If My Heart Had Wings Restoration Patch by rusanon’s team is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.