Grisaia no Kajitsu English Patch Released! [via TLWiki]

Grisaia-no-Kajitsu-v2 Grisaia no Kajitsu English Patch 1.0 is here! translation is by the team at TLWiki. This is an immensely popular game in Japan by well known developer Frontwing and has two sequels Meikyuu and Rakuen and an upcoming anime. In the readme from the translators they describe as “First of three in a series… Reasonably complete in its own right.” [patch-only download]

Summary: Yuuji transfers to a small isolated school where there are only 6 students. Having lost all those he love, he has lost sight of the purpose of his life and spends his days in regret and atonement. The girls he meets at the school all have troubled pasts and regrets. He discovers a new hope and decides to do something for them. (via Micchi)

Artwork is by Fumio (Hoshiuta) and Watanabe Akio (Bakemonogatari). 118

TLWiki (
Translation: koestl
Technical: Doddler
Editing: DxS, herkz
Images: Roxas, Vodka
Moral Support (?): Moogy, Futsuu, Cracklings

Download Game + Patch here: [] patch = ver1.0
Note that it’s not pre-patched, you have to install it and patch it yourself. There is no need to mount any ISO files since I’ve dragged out its contents. It’s reasonably simple just follow the instructions.

There is an separate optional video patch that is 780 MB here: [] it translates the OP and ED into English. OR, you can download the standalone subtitled videos here: [] <—use CCCP

”We've added an optional TL notes overlay. A choice will pop up when you start the game for the first time. You can later enable or disable this from the text settings menu.”
Known Bugs: There was an observed issue in the demo where text boxes would turn completely transparent. Window opacity can be adjusted from the text settings menu. Most people find the game easier to read with a ~50% opacity message window. Very rarely, on transition from NVL (full-screen text) mode, the text box placement may shift to an incorrect position (eg, jump halfway up the screen). Save, exit, and reload.

Some Screenshots:

009263 screen03 screen05 screen07  192