DRAMAtical Murder re:connect Translation Project is 78% translated (12% edited)

Updated as of 19th July 2013. [aarinfantasy.com]
DRAMAtical Murder re:connect is the fandisc to the original game. It has ‘Afterstories’ for each of the endings present in the Original Game as well as Character Backstories and Side Stories and also mini-games. [Official Site]

Overall Progress:
Translation: ~78%
Image Editing: ~30%
Editing: ~12%
Implementation: 0%
They don’t list staff members so it’s hard to credit who’s doing it. The person who posted the thread is Drmar so I assume s/he’s the team leader?

*These percentages are script wise
Main Game Koujaku: 100% Noiz: 100% Clear: 100% Mink: 100% Ren: 57% Virus/Trip: 0% Mizuki: 100% True:100%
Extras 100%

You can download the game here: [aarinfantasy.com/forum/f151/t171774-dramatical-murder-re-connect.html] <—need registration