Dangan Ronpa on Android Phones/Tablets via PPSSPP!

Project Zetsubou tweeted about a tweaked version of PPSSPP emulator altered specifically to run Dangan Ronpa. Download it here: [http://www.mediafire.com] You can use this to play Dangan Ronpa on Android phones and tablets.

Apparently you can use the original PPSSPP for android as well and it should work according to Shinobu’s test results:

Shinobu: “It runs on android! :lol: i used the free version of ppsspp for android and it worked!” Tested on:
Phone Specs phone:
Galaxy S Vibrant (SGH-T959)
OS version: Android 2.2
Froyo cpu: ARMv7 proccessor rev 2 Overclocked@1GHz
“despite my crappy phone specs, the vn ran really smoothly, with only occasional audio/frame drops, but overall very smooth, but it did crash while i was taking the screenshots. It may run smoother on newer phones!” [forums.fuwanovel.org] thx shinobu