Hadaka Shitsuji English Translation Complete (+ download)

Hadaka Shitsuji all done at last! I think there are quite a number of fangirls (and guys) freaking out right now. This is a boy’s love game with high sexual content, basically a nukige? (EGS says it’s nukige as well). But according to the reviews, it gets very dark as you proceed through the game. Most of the CG are sex scenes. Basically the protag is a sadist, he makes his butlers do horrible things. According to VNTLS the translation started the beginning of last year, so it’s been 16months in the making. Gratz to the guys at aarinfantasy for this. DMMD is slated for 26th April. 

Download Game: [fuwanovel.org
English Patch: [aarinfantasy.com
You can buy from [Amiami.com] [Dmmd support page]

You’ll need the english patch if you download it from another source, but my copy is already patched.

What is and isn’t translated:

  • This patch contains the entire game translated into English. This includes all routes and all unlocked scenes.
  • Images were not translated
  • Cut/unobtainable scenes were also translated
  • All songs were translated

Release notes:

  • Save often. The engine likes to get very…finicky after day 10 or so.
  • Most endings have multiple paths you can take to get to them. The guide included just shows some of many paths.
  • The english.exe file includes the update patch, however this doesn’t fix every issue. If you cannot save, check your user permissions.
  • Some lines were split due to textbox limitations.

With thanks to:
Translation: Good Haro
Editing: Swiftnissity, Nikwebsterrulz
Hacking: w8m
Special thanks: Yaoi.Desu 
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Some Screenshots:
By the way, also check out Dramatical Shitsuji, an April fool’s joke from the translators: [aarinfantasy.com]

Dramatical Murder is their other big project, current status:
- Alternative video method for Noiz’s 8-bit BAD END found, not yet completed.
- Ren’s scrap scene currently refuses English characters.
- Ren + Virus/Trip require 2nd phase editing + look over.