DRAMAtical Murder Fan Translation 100% English Patch Released!

ss (2013-04-26 at 02.13.16) The fan translation project for DRAMAtical Murder is now complete! This is a BIG DEAL! Congratz to the team for their fantastic work, building that BL empire. Not to mention recently we just had Hadaka Shitsuji, and in the pipeland there is Lamento, Sweet Pool, and Sukisho, (and recently we had Togainu no Chi) so the Aarinfantasy community is really doing some great stuff. English patch is available here: [aarinfantasy.com] [mediafire.com]
^ The aarinfantasy site requires login to view, but it might be worth registering just to drop a thank you note. Dramatical Murder is an 18+ Boys Love VN by Nitro Plus Chiral.

Download Game: [Fuwanovel.org]
^ pre-patched.

Q: Will we have to start a new game?
A: Yes. In order for anything to work correctly, you MUST start a new game.

Q: Will you be translating DRAMAtical Murder re:connect?
A: Yes.

Q: When will you be translating DRAMAtical Murder re:connect?
A: A month or so after it’s been released, assuming it’s been hacked by that time.

Note that you will need to switch to Japanese system locale on your PC in order to run this game. Instructions here. Also consider buying the game to support the devs (although don’t be pressured because this is out of reach for most ppl on the planet). The english patch even comes with a super-sleek manual with full in-game walkthrough done in 8bit sprite graphics! These people are crazy!

Translation Team
Lead Translator: lz
Translator: Yuffie
Translation Consultant: Dagger
Translation Editor: Lenny
Programmer: Swiftnissity
Assistant Programmer RocBase
Image & Video Editor: RocBase

Spread the word about the patch and try to get Japanator or Siliconera to pick it up. It just seems fair that they should post about it. Even Kotaku has promoted fan TLs before.

Pre-patched Game Download: [Fuwanovel.org] (50kb/s), Raw ISO by DDL:Aarinfantasy.com. Raw .iso Sukebei.nyaa.eu by torrent.

Some Screenshots:
ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.21)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.34)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.01)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.07)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.14)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.41)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.49)ss (2013-04-26 at 02.35.57)