Android Sundays: Fate/Stay Night

Today marks the beginning of a new weekly series focused on making it easier for you to enjoy Visual Novels on your Android devices.  I’ll be highlighting one game a week: offering tips on how to get it onto your device, and pointing out useful game resources.

This week’s game:

01 Saber

Fate/Stay Night

I’m having a TON of fun playing Fate/Stay night on my Nexus 7 tablet.  Even though I’ve already played/completed the game on my PC, there’s a certain magic to having familiar characters and music at my fingertips, and I love it.  One of the coolest features (which really changes the play experience) of playing the game on the VNDS app is the removal of Fate’s full-screen text experience.  For the first time ever I’m reading Fate with a bottom-of-the-screen text bar, which allows me to clearly see and enjoy the game’s amazing art.


Requirements: You’ll need five things to get this game on your device:

  • The VNDS Android App (Paid – recommended for saving!) (Free)
  • A copy of the game (Fuwanovel has you covered — click here for game page)
  • Weeaboo’s VNDS converter (Link – Scroll down until you see Fate/Stay Night VNDS converter. Download the latest version.) (1.2.3 at the time of this publication)
  • A (USB?) cable to transfer the program data onto your Android device
  • ~1.4 GB free space (or less) on Android memory or SD card (space depends on how high of quality you like your images)

Installation Steps

  1. Boot the Weeaboo Fate/Stay Night (FSN) converter.  The converter has a nice, logical GUI:  point the converter to the correct “Game Folder”, or the location of the FSN game you downloaded, and specify a folder where you want it to export the VNDS version
  2. For “Target Platform”, select the resolution of images you want for your device.  The larger the resolution, the higher quality the images will be on your device
  3. Click “Start”.  The converter will run and will alert you when it’s finished
  4. Connect your device to your PC.  Open up the android device and navigate to your “sdcard” folder
  5. Either find or create the following file structure:   [sdcard]/vnds/novels
  6. Copy the FSN game folder into the “novels” folder.  The folder you should copy over should be the game directory (so, within that “fate” folder should be the “background” “foreground” “save” “script” “sound” folders, etc.)
  7. Boot up the VNDS app.  “Fate Stay Night” should be immediately visible in your game library.  Click it to begin playing!


02 Tohsaka03 Berserker


Game Resources:

Check out this walkthrough for FSN in the Fuwanovel forums!

There is a huge database of FSN backgrounds on this page.

Game OST coming soon!