Guide to visual novels on the PSP

If you are a fan of visual novels, particularly otome-games, you would want to own a PSP to access its massive library of games. They still sell the system new, but it looks like there is a strong supply of used machines on ebay. Prices hover at $40 to $50. If you are patient, you might be able to snatch one with minimal scratches and at a reasonable price point. There is no region-locking with PSPs, so you are free to play any of the games made in Japan. Go for a PSP-2000 or PSP-3000, (ignore the 1000). You will also need a memory stick. They are called ‘Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo’ (preferably 4GB+). You can find pirated versions of them on Ebay for about $10. Don’t Worry! These work fine.

At this stage the PS VITA (although it has a better screen) is NOT recommended.

Ability to read Japanese or Simplified Chinese highly recommended!

Once you have your machine, follow these steps:
1) Download the Official Firmware 6.60 [officialmirrormediafire]
2) Connect the PSP® system to the PC using the USB cable. (make sure the memory card is plugged into the PSP)
3) Drag EBOOT.PBP into \PSP\GAME\UPDATEps_clip_image001
4) On your PSP, run Official Firmware Update program that appears under Games.  Now you are on OFW 6.60.
5) Now Download Custom Firmware 6.60 PRO B10 [download]
6) Extract and drag all of its contents into \PSP\GAME
7) On your PSP, run PROUPDATE. Press X when prompted. (or L trigger + X)
Now you can play downloaded PSP games!
note: if you ever switch off your psp completely you may have to run the PROUPDATE program again to bring it back to CFW. To make CFW permanent, see this guide.
For the Emulator option, scroll down to bottom.

Visual novels in English on the PSP

  • PSP Visual Novel Ports
    This is a collection of fan ports to the PSP. Most of them are in English. You will need to have custom firmware to run these. Also it might be worth it to try bringing up the clockspeed because some of them lag.
    [nyaa.eumy first torrent!

It’s a miracle we even got two commercial!

Visual novels in Chinese on the PSP

  • 11eyes [vndb]
    Genre: Supernatural
    Patch: [kdays]
    Game Torrent: []
    Traditional Chinese
  • 3days [vndb]
    Genre: Supernatural
    Game: [duowanxiazai]
    Simplified Chinese
    PSP port done by fans.

For more VNs in Chinese, please see Some of the games will be ready for download pre-patched. Others you will have to hunt for the JP ISO. It depends on the group.

Visual novels in Japanese on the PSP

  • Too many to List
    This is how to browse through the library of them:
  • Sony Playstation Official Catalog (recommended)
    Official site. funnily it’s not always up-to-date
    [sort by Release Date]
  • Second Novel ~ Kanojo no Natsu, 15fun no Kioku~ [vndb]
    Nippon Ichi
    Genre: Disability, Mystery
    Google [google search]
    this is a PSP-exclusive visual novel. many others more

Where to Download .ISO’s?

Answer: Google search. I’ll give some examples.


Search Tip: Just add “iso” + “download” to the search.
Sometimes you have to add “psp”.

Also see RenPSP 0.2 – Cross-Platform Visual Novel Engine, a PSP homebrew that runs Renpy games on the PSP.

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