Guide to eroge/visual novels on Android devices

UPDATE 24/09/12
Please see Play Translated Visual Novels on your Android Device with VNDS Converter.


UPDATE 07/09/12
Please see Sakamoto’s Android Websites for the MOST updated list of purchasing websites.
Please see Sakamoto’ Android Games for a list of some visual novels you can purchase for your Android.
We still looking for helpers! See: [Android] Looking for Helpers — Visual Novels for Android –


UPDATE 20/08/12
I’m looking for some helpers to try and work out how to get these games running on Android Smartphone. Please see: [Android] Looking for Helpers — Visual Novels for Android –


Update 16/12/11: You can download ONScripter for android from here:
There is a list of the games that can be played with it:
Of course you still need to have the original game. (ty vokelar for that)

For Guide to visual novels on the iPhone and iPadclick this link.

Smartphones are getting big in Japan. According to MMRI Research institute, Smartphones are projected to reach 25%~ of total mobile phone market share against Garake (ガラケー i.e. Japan’s native phones) by March of 2012. Current market share was calculated to be 12.2% during July of 2011. [source]

As for Android OS, they have 49% of the smartphone market. Coming up second place is iOS at 44% [Source]. Needless to say the uptake of Android phones has been phenomenal (was only 11% July 2010), and we are seeing companies like CIRCUS acting accordingly.
The Answer:

Android Market Place (NEW)
A small number of visual novels have begun propping up on the default store. Koiken 2 and Chaos;Head. Please refer to this sorted list.
Update: If it says “This game/video is not available in your country” You need to use Android Market Enabler (requires root). Market
a separate independent market from Google’s. download this app from Android Market to access. houses the reject section which are ero-games that Google have rejected from Android Market… (in fact all of games have been moved off Android Market). when browsing M-trix market’s website from your internet browser, you will be shown only the latest 10 games. I believe you have to use the app before the rest of the games will show up. opened since 04/07/11. [official site][m-trix twitter]
a separate market from Google’s. this is not on Android Market. in fact it’s not even a market. all the purchasing is done on an ordinary internet browser (on your PC or Android device). there is no App. instead, you have to register here. the exact step-by-step guide is shown below (scroll down). accepts VISA & Mastercard credit cards. opened since 01/09/11. [official site][eroge-market twitter]

a separate market from Google’s. have to download the Moe APP from Android market first.
Update: MoeApp games have been merged in to the main Android Market! Games include: Da Capo I, Natsuiro Straight, Suika, Hapi☆sama, Tasogare no Sinsemillia (840 yen), Ore no tsure hito de nashi, Tropical Kiss. Unfortunately we are unable to make purchases, download ends abruptly and then fails. If someone can get this working please leave a comment or msg me. [official site]
a separate market from Google’s. you have to visit this page first from your Android device from where it will ask for your permission to install their app before further entrance. Unfortunately that is all the info I can gleam from their website since I do not own an Android I can’t figure out what there is available next. What I do see is that they’ve got OP movies to all of the latest releases as well as trials up for download. Pricing and catalogue unknown (*looks enormous though). Feel free to leave a comment with any info you can find.
seems to be mostly nukige. [official site] <–new

browser website being used as a catalogue for Visual Arts games. currently they have Kanon, Planetarian, Clannad -hikari mimamoru sakamichi de- part 1 and Air will soon be up. alternatively, you can use this page. Opened 30/11/11.
[official site]

VNDS for Android
this is a port of VNDS (Visual Novel homebrew program for Nintendo DS) to Android devices. Please visit here is the VNDS forum.

Step by step guide to using
*instructions can be found here in Japanese.
1. First please make sure that your phone has been authorized to install apps outside of Android market. See this guide.
2. Register a username/password at this screen.
3. Accept the License agreement then click continue at the bottom.
4. In the next screen you need to have a Japanese address.
I used the addressed I was supplied with by I suggest you do the same otherwise you can google a random address up and use that instead.

郵便番号 is post code. it is 6 numbers long, looks like this: 120-0023
住所(都道府県) one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. e.g. 東京都
住所(市区・郡町村) first line in address. e.g. 足立区 千住曙町
住所(番地・その他) second line in address. e.g. 6-22-22
5. Once you have done that, confirm your email address.
6. Sign in and start buying!
7. Once you have made a purchase and paid for your item, eroge-market will email you a link. Enter that link from a browser from your android device and it will start downloading the App.
8. From here I assume the App will work. I hope all goes well >.<

Important: please make sure before committing to the purchase that your phone is capable of running the App!

If there are other places to download VN for Android devices that are not mentioned in this guide, feel free to share them with me in the comments section below. Thank you.